You Can Have Your Cake, Just Don’t Eat It!

It was a slow day at work so luckily we had the occasion of an office birthday party to disperse some of the dreaded monotony.  Everyone knows that an office birthday party is not complete without the adornment of the office birthday cake!

So, one of my colleagues eagerly purchased one at a local bakery quite popular for its treats and sweets.  We were quite considerate to make sure it was a flavor and style the birthday boy would appreciate.  All involved did the usual drooling with “Ooohs” and “Aaahs”  over it when it arrived in all its indulgent, rich chocolate, decadent temptation.

After the birthday song and office fanfare, strangely enough the cake went untouched.  Not one person claimed a piece of it, or even wanted to take a wedge home.  People practically ran from the room when offered some, as if they’d be dealt some evil curse or succumb to a heinous spell.

Nowadays, it’s allowed to oogle over a decadent delight all you want.  You can buy it, bake it, decorate it, display it, fawn over it, surround it with balloons and presents.  Look, but don’t touch.  Touch, but don’t taste…Taste, but don’t swallow.  Whatever you do, JUST DON’T EAT IT!

One little piggy has a gluten allergy,

One little piggy is too fat and on a diet.

One little piggy ate a big lunch and has a stomach ache,

One little piggy breaks out from too much sugar.

One little piggy cried “guilt trip” to the remaining little piggies all the way through the party, then went home.

Luckily, the birthday boy did take his cake at the end of the day, seemingly unphased.  I’m hopeful he actually did enjoy some of it, without any compromise.

Next time there’s an office birthday party, let’s just skip the cake.  What’s the point?  Getting older is painful enough.

© 2012 by Lisa Carbone, The Seasoned Secretary and


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